2014 Crop Organic and Conventional Dried White Mulberry pre-contracts will start in couple weeks. Learn more about latest market updates and details for pre-contracts at this post. 

Demand for the 2013 Crop Dried White Mulberries were very high which caught market really unprepared. Suppliers are not able to cover the demand as the market is completely out of stock since few months.

Healthy diet and raw foods getting more popular every year and final consumers demand increasing rapidly as the delicious taste and benefits of dried mulberries spread like wildfire. Of course retailers marketing efforts and celebrities who tell benefits of mulberries on TV helped interest for dried mulberries boom as well (Dr. Oz was the most famous one – Dr. Oz Unleashed Superfood Mulberry to the masses!).

Besides, big frost damage at apricot growing region (%90 loss expected on dried apricots for 2014 crop – read detailed report) Malatya will also effect dried mulberry prices too because Malatya is also one of the mulberry growing regions in Turkey. Actually frost damage did not effect mulberries because mulberry trees blossom later than apricots. But farmers are likely to cover their loss on apricots by increasing mulberry prices. Fortunately, Malatya is not the only mulberry growing region, but it will cause price increase anyway.

BATA FOOD Dried Mulberry Shipment Packing and Pallets
In a summary, we expect higher prices together with an increasing demand for new crop. Supply will be also limited due to growing demand as it was a major problem for 2013 crop too.

BATA FOOD will start new crop pre-contracts for organic and conventional dried white mulberries in couple weeks as we do every year. Pre-contracts help our clients to get a price advantage and stable supply with a fixed prices so they can also plan their own sales without headaches.

This year we want to see demand of our clients before starting pre-contracts which will help us to plan and forecast our annual needs while sourcing raw material and also help our new and existing clients to guarantee their supply.

We will be very glad if you inform us your interest on dried white mulberries including the details below:

  • Types you require (organic or conventional)
  • Quality you are interested in (regular or premium)
  • Quantities per type and per quality
  • Delivery requirements (one time shipment, partial shipments etc.)

Quick info: Dried White Mulberries (both organic and conventional) harvest will start on early August and first shipments are planned to start at the late August.

Feel free to contact us via email or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with the details once the pre-contract season starts.