Today, we are proud and excited to announce our expansion in Asia region with a new office and partnership in Singapore.

BATA FOOD will continue its activities in Asia region through our new office as BATA FOOD Asia under the registered name of Superlative Foods Pte. Ltd.

Angeline Lee, Founder and Managing Director of Superlative Foods runs the branch and brings an expert understanding of the Asian food industry. With our new partnership, we will have a chance to serve our clients in Asia with a local approach and faster deliveries and will be stronger at the products which we source and trade from Asia . We already have been working with her for several years and look forward to a successful future in that region.

Singapore is the cornerstone cross in Southeast Asia and a central hub for a global business, owning one of the busiest waterways in the world and perfectly connected to Europe and Asia with its large ports and a modern infrastructure.