Official crop size for Turkish Dried Figs estimated as 78.200 tons (with ±5% error margin) by Izmir Commodity Exchange with a report including comments for quality and harvest per growing region.

Harvest size is 8.5% higher but there are concerns regarding crop quality of lowland figs (see the photos below). Probably it won’t be possible to ship lowland figs to Europe due to lower quality.
Quality seem good for mountain figs but opening prices for raw material are 30% higher compared to last years opening prices. Conventional dried figs (raw materials) prices are between 13-15 TL per kg (3.75 – 4.30 USD) at the moment.

2016 crop ended with almost zero carryover and market in general got out of stock after May – June, so demand is clearly there. Due to this reason, farmers are in no rush to sell their stocks at low levels, they are sure that packers will pay these prices just like they did at the end of 2016 crop. Our opinion is market will remain at the same levels, perhaps with slight fluctuations.


  • Fruit development is 7-10 days late compared to previous year, which is actually a normal time (last year was early).
  • In general, tree development is good, some regions had rain and hail damage.
  • As the fruit count per tree is higher, average fruit size is a little smaller.
  • Fusarium spp. disease – which cause fruit rotting inside – observed especially in areas with high rainfall and high moisture.
  • Sales for fresh figs to local market at the harvest time is higher compared to previous years.

We will start offering new crop figs early next week, few days later than planned due to high levels.

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