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Dried Apricots BATA FOOD Turkey

Dried Apricots

Dried Apricot market prices stable as importers do not rush for buying as well, market remains silent. We think there will not be a significant decrease on prices as the current levels are already reasonable.

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Sultana Raisins BATA FOOD Turkey

Raisins (Sultanas)

Raisin harvest in Turkey continue in full speed. Prices are almost at the deep levels and all of the buyers are trying to secure their needs at these levels.

Quality is good in general, farmers were really careful about Pesticides after suffering a lot in previous crop and 2016 crop Turkish Sultanas and Raisins are totally free of Chlorpyrifos.

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Organic Hazelnuts BATA FOOD Turkey


Fluctuations continue in hazelnut market and nobody’s happy about that.

Almost 60% of crop harvested already but farmers do not sell their stocks with a government’s suggestion to hold onto their stocks and wait for the higher prices.

Last week we had a downward trend in the market after reaching 15 TL / kg (USD/TL 2.948) for inshell hazelnuts. After getting down to 12.5 TL / kg levels, authorities urged farmers not to bring their goods to market and wait for the levels which they deserve and prices started to recover.

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Organic Dried Figs BATA FOOD Turkey

Dried Figs

As we informed you earlier, official crop size for Turkish (Smyrna) Dried Fig is estimated as 72.000 tons, first shipment of new crop dried figs will start on September 29, 2016 and expected quality announced as much better comparing to previous crop.

However, dried fig raw material prices opened season at very high levels due to rainy weather. Speculations started about damage and prices increased immediately. We are not sure about the real damage but we think price increase is not only related to rain but the farmers higher price expectations.

Last year dried fig prices opened at lower levels and increased over the year. This year we are almost at the same levels of 2015 crop dried figs closing prices. As these prices worked last year, exporters and processors think that prices may not go down but still everyone is being careful and also waiting for demands to increase especially from buyers in Europe (currently very silent) to take position.

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Organic Chia Seeds BATA FOOD Turkey

Chia Seeds

2016 Crop Chia Seed harvest started at South America and crop does not look favorable.

Almost all regions have been severely impacted by lower yields due to drought, frosts and less cultivated areas.

Until now, the 2014 bumper crop and its carry-over maintained a downward pressure on prices but today this scenario seems to have turned upside down.

Especially trustworthy organic chia seeds are in very tight supply, partly caused by stricter quality demands from buyers.

We will follow the market closely and inform you about the updates.

For your information, we currently have stocks for both Organic and Conventional Chia Seeds in Europe ready for prompt shipment. Feel free to let us know if you have any requirements.

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