Dried White Mulberries BATA FOOD Turkey
New crop shipments of Dried White Mulberries (both organic and conventional) are about to begin and we already started offers and agreements.

This year crop quality seem good, we did not have a frost and diseases at the mulberry growing regions. As you may already know, last year we had a very bad crop and prices are skyrocketed due to frost damage and speculations (apricot growing farmers tried to compensate their loss from mulberries) and many of the suppliers still have stocks from last crop in their warehouse. Total quantity from last crop are rumored as 1000 metric tons together with the mulberries which are imported from Uzbekistan / Pakistan (most of the exporters are selling them as Turkish origin).

We want to warn you about the risk of purchasing 2014 crop goods which are short on the shelf life and have a big risk of contamination and live insects (goods waiting at warehouses for a long time are usually treated with chemicals such as MeBr to prevent live insects – but it is definitely not a real solution). As BATA FOOD, we are sold out on all 2014 crop mulberries.

Dried Mulberry production sortex machine

Right now we are one and only mulberry producer who owns and uses Sortex machine which guarantees very clean, foreign material free mulberries and even gives us a possibility to sort the mulberries by color according to the importers requirements. Besides, we also process mulberry crumbles with %99.9 purity, which gives a great price advantage to bakery, muesli, confectionary producers as it makes no sense for them to use whole berries in their production if they are crushing them.

For your information, we offer great prices and extra quality, quantities starting from only 1000 kg per shipment!

Please feel free to let us know about the types and quantities you are interested in, and our team we will get back to you with our best prices. You can see detailed information about mulberries at BATA FOOD’s Dried White Mulberries product page.