Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Exporters Association, Figs Research Group built a committee between 11-22 August 2014 and committee declared Turkish Dried Figs 2014 Crop estimated quantity and informations related to harvest quality.

You can find summary of the report below:

  • Hot weather on August caused sun burn in gardens which are located at the southern side of mountains.
  • Due to negative weather conditions, souring observed.
  • In all growing regions, red spider mites and fig wax scale (common insects/pests which seen at fig growing regions frequently) seen.
  • Endosepsis disease (which cause rottenness in figs) seen in all fig growing regions and heavily in some regions.
  • Fig fruit born on trees are good in quantity, but short shoots on trees increased friction between figs and damages and quality loss observed.
  • A good amount of figs seen at the research time. But still it is expected that quantity for figs which can be processed will be low because of diseases, sun burns, frictions and souring/fermentation.
  • If weather temperatures continue in seasonal normals, it is forecasted that 2014 crop will be as 69731 Metric Tons (Estimated quantity may vary ± %5)

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