Everybody is talking about Brazil Nuts at the moment so it won’t be a surprise to hear Brazil Nuts mentioned in almost every conversation. Briefly, 50% less crop – Prices up – No offers at origin.

Brazil Nuts market went crazy after bad news started to come from Amazon rainforest and it is now very clear that situation is not good. There is potentially 50% less material this year, most of the factories do not have enough raw material stock even to fulfill their existing contracts.The rumors of default have also started to spread for earlier committed deals.  As the packers are trying to cover their existing contracts first, there are almost no offers at origin now.

Since last couple weeks prices pushed up by 70% compared to the opening prices – and everyone is trying to cover at any levels they can.

It’s been said that some of the factories are going to close on June or early July due to lack of raw material which will also affect labour very bad in that region.

We are still not sure about the shortage percentage but we know that statements are not speculative so this year we will not see any significant decrease on prices. Another news about the crops size – it will be very very hard to find Medium size Brazil Nuts this year and impossible to find Large size, so final buyers and repackers will need to update their specifications.

For your information, we are currently able to offer Brazil Nuts from our stocks in Netherlands and we may have some offers for full loads from direct origin, for April / May shipments.

We will update you as soon as we have more news regarding Brazil Nuts.

If you’d like to get more detail from us about Brazil Nuts or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Brazil Nuts Statistical Review

Brazil Nut supplier BATA FOOD Turkey

World Brazil Nut Production 2015/2016 Season – Kernel basis

CountryBeginning StockCropTotal SupplyEnding Stock
BOLIVIA1,500 MT23,000 MT24,500 MT300 MT
PERU150 MT4,350 MT4,500 MT150 MT
BRAZIL100 MT500 MT600 MT0 MT
WORLD TOTAL1,750 MT27,850 MT29,600 MT450 MT

World Consumption 29,150 MT
Source: INC

World Brazil Nut Production 2016/2017 Season – Kernel basis

CountryBeginning StockCropTotal SupplyEnding Stock
BOLIVIA300 MT23,000 MT23,300 MT1,500 MT
PERU150 MT4,000 MT4,150 MT150 MT
WORLD TOTAL450 MT27,600 MT28,050 MT1,730 MT

World Consumption 26,320 MT
Source: INC

Brazil Nuts Bolivia Market Update by Supplier BATA FOOD

Usage Areas of Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are widely consumed as a snack, eaten raw or roasted, and/or salted. They are also used as an ingredient in ice creams, chocolates and other products within the bakery and confectionary industry.

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