We all know that how people love goji berries and its benefits as goji berries are one of the most popular super fruit right now!

But unfortunately, many goji berry sellers are having problem with quality (especially for organic goji berries -many of them comes with a pesticide problem-) and afraid to import from China directly. Besides, to get competitive prices Chinese exporters / producers mostly force you to give an order for a full container, which is very risky,

Now we have great news for you! BATA FOOD just started supplying Organic and Conventional Goji Berries in Europe, which you can purchase directly without worrying about customs clearance, analysis and other painful paperwork!

So what I can say is, we sell Goji Berries which are free of headache!

Organic Goji Berries Warehouse

Our Goji Berry Warehouse in France

We store Organic Certified Goji Berries in France and Conventional Goji Berries in Czech Republic and we are able to deliver your order to whole Europe in 5 days at latest!

And you know what? Minimum Order Quantity only starts from 500 kg (1 pallet) so you can get these great berries with good prices without any import issues.

To get detailed information about goji berries and see prices, contact us now!