Due to the great harvest and big crop size for Dried Apricots, it seems like a really good time to make a purchase for buyers with a real good prices.

For big size Dried Apricots (No: 1 – 2 – 3) prices are a bit high and does not seem like they will get down.

However, for middle and small sized Dried Apricots (No:4 – 5 – 6 and rest), market prices a really good so many of the buyers / importers from world market increased the quantities they purchase. All of the companies involved in Dried Apricots market trying to have an advantageous position by catching this chance.

Besides, did you also know that we are able to produce Retail Packed Dried Apricots (and also figs, mulberries and many other products) with a Private Label option?

And a short reminder, we supply both Sulphured Dried Apricots, Natural Dried Apricots and Organic Dried Apricots in a retail packs!

Below find a short video which we shot during Dried Apricot packing.

What packaging options BATA FOOD provide?

  • Garland 250 gr
  • Cartonets 500 gr
  • Wood Packages 500 gr
  • Cartons 3 kg / 5 kg
  • Cello bags 200 gr / 400 gr
  • Quadro Bag 400 gr
  • Bulk 12.5 kg
  • Foam Tray 400 gr / 500 gr
  • PVC Tub 400 gr / 500 gr
  • PVC Round Tub 400 gr / 500 gr

We are also open to all types of specific requests to meet your needs. If you require any detailed information or pricing, please get in touch with us!