Hydrogen Peroxide Found In Mulberries
New crop is coming for Dried White Mulberries and we want to give you information about new crop developments and important market alerts regarding food safety.

1) Hydrogen Peroxide Found in Mulberries

During the past few weeks, we sampled few packages of dried mulberries which supplied through other suppliers and made analysis in external laboratory. Results really surprised us.

Because of the high labor costs while processing mulberries, some suppliers in Turkey found an easy and tricky way so they are able to offer low and unrealistic prices.

Let me explain you the process they follow

  • To get rid of foreign materials and clean the goods, they wash dried mulberries
  • Washed dried mulberries become very high in humidity
  • To avoid mould and lower the moisture, they heat the mulberries in oven OVER 60 Celsius degree
  • Because washed mulberries get very dark in color.
    They apply Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach mulberries, which is definitely prohibited for Organic and even for Conventional Mulberries
  • Finally, they are selling Chemical Applied Dried Mulberries as ORGANIC and RAW.

This is why many of the suppliers are using this technique by thinking that no one will notice, including Certification authorities.

Click here to see the analysis result which shows Hydrogen Peroxide residue in mulberries (pdf)

Be careful about the below subjects

  • If you are selling Hydrogen Peroxide treated Organic Dried Mulberries you are in a risk of losing your organic certification and also there may be a serious fines
  • If you are selling Conventional Dried Mulberries, usage of Hydrogen Peroxide on conventional mulberries is still prohibited
  • If you are labeling your mulberries as RAW and if it is heated in oven OVER 60 Celsius degrees, then you are in danger of wrong labeling
    Because products heated over 45 celsius degree lose their RAW status.

We will follow this subject in a cooperation with legal authorities to stop activities of producers with fake certification.

We suggest you to make third party Hydrogen Peroxide analysis for the Dried Mulberries you have in stock to avoid any possible risks and also for your new purchases.

2) 2016 New Crop Dried White Mulberries

2016 Dried White Mulberry crop seem good at the moment and we do not expect any shortage on the supply.

It is very clear that BATA FOOD is one of few suppliers in the market who supply Chemical free and traditionally processed Organic and Conventional Dried Mulberries with best possible modern techniques without any tricks.

We already started offers of new crop CLEAN and REAL ORGANIC Dried White Mulberries quantities starting from 1000 kg per order.

You can visit Dried Mulberries product page at our website to get more information about the product.

If you have any needs from our side or any questions, please feel free to contact.