Crop of 2013 had been estimated as 242.635 Metric Tone by the official committee which we do not agree much as the growers whom started harvest last week realizing more than expected amount of shortages on their yield.

When we compare with last years crop:
2012 Crop: 315.000 MT (including carry in from 2011 crop)
2013 Crop: 242.635 MT + 25.000 MT (carry over from 2012 crop) = 267.635 MT

By thinking that approximately %75 of this carry over is owned by Taris, 2013 crop total size will be around 248.000 MT, and shows us 2013 crop amount will be 67.000 MT lower than  2012 sultana crop.

2013 Crop Organic Sultana Raisins Bata FoodBecause 2013 crop seems short, growers and exporters behave carefully. Growers want to believe that market prices will increase and want to sell their goods at the highest rates to processors and exporters, this is why they prefer not to sell their goods right now.

If the harvest amount gets lower than expected, there is no doubt that prices will increase. Even the current levels of USD/TRY helped prices to be lower (USD/TRY is around 2.05), prices are still increasing on dollar terms.

Of course harvest just started last week so we will have more opinion in following weeks after seeing the harvest and feedback of growers.

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