Unfortunately there has been terrible rains and flood in Bolivia and a state of emergency has been declared in Beni province so all Brazil Nut shippers have withdrawn for now with the worry about fulfilling outstanding contracts.

As you’ll see from the photos below, the main road from Riberalta to La Paz will be repaired as soon as possible, but obviously it will delay stocks moving through, and more importantly is the difficulty getting Brazil Nuts from La Paz to Riberalta when this kind of thing happens.

Also, as a consequence, raw material prices have jumped as brazil nut collecting in the jungle in the bad weather is being hampered.

Hopefully a better picture will appear over the next few days, but the suppliers at origin for now remains understandably withdrawn.

If you need more information or have demands for Organic and Conventional Brazil Nuts or any other products we supply, please feel free to call or email us.

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