Turkish Dried Apricots Market Update 19.04.2023 - Bulk Wholesale Supplier Producer BATA FOOD Turkey Netherlands USA

Malatya is trying to recover after the big earthquake in February. With many people leaving Malatya after the disaster, there is also a problem in finding the workforce to work in the factories, and the manufacturers are working with low capacity.

Abundant rain and snowfall in Malatya and all the surrounding apricot growing regions before and during the flowering period caused Monilia disease, which is a kind of fungal disease, as well as a decrease in the pollination of flowers (pollen washing). During the spraying activities in order to reduce the damage of the fungal disease, there was a frost for three nights at the end of March and its effect was felt in Malatya and the surrounding provinces.

It’s still early to understand exactly how much damage there is, but as the weather warms up, we’ll be able to learn more about it. However, since apricot production is spread over a wide area, frost or rain does not damage the whole region in the same way, and therefore there is no expectation of great damage. We should know that there is a certain amount of damage to apricots in certain regions every year, the important thing is how severe it is.

Unfortunately, there is always a certain group of farmers and producers trying to keep prices high with manipulative movements and rumors.

However, prices are expected to be high in foreign currency terms, with frost and precipitation damage in general, the post-disaster situation in the region, low carry-over, extremely high inflation throughout the country, and the USD/TL level, which is almost at the same level compared to the previous year.

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